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Hilarious Cats Video

By: Unknown On: Tuesday, February 08, 2011
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  • Here's another funny animal video but with cats only, they sure are hilarious. These kinds of videos always make me laugh. I hope you get a good laugh too as you watch. :0)

    Humorous, Funny Animals Caught on Tape

    By: Unknown On: Tuesday, February 08, 2011
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  • For those of you who like funny, cute animals. This clip is quite hilarious and humorous.

    Feel free to share a good joke or any funny content like videos, stories, quotes, etc. if you have some that are not already on this website. Cheers! 

    Funny Names When Sounded Out

    By: Unknown On: Monday, February 07, 2011
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  • Can you imagine having been named one of the following names? lol Too funny!

    Some Funny People's Names:

    Al Kickurass (I'll kick your ass)

    Alex Blaine Layder (I'll explain later)

    Amanda Lay (a man to lay)

    Andy Structible (indestructible)

    Ann B. Dextrous (ambidextrous)

    Ariel Hassle (a real hassle)

    Ayma Dommy (I'm a dummy)

    Barry D. Hatchett (bury the hatchett)

    Bart Ender (bartender)

    Ben Dover (bend over)

    Ben Thair (been there)

    Bo Nessround (bonus round)

    Brighton Early (bright and early)

    Candice B. DePlace (can this be the place)

    Carson O. Gin (carcinogen)

    Casey Needzit (in case he needs it)

    Chris Myass (kiss my ass)

    Claire DeAir (clear the air)

    Cody Pendant (co-dependant)

    Dale E. Bread (daily bread)

    Dan Geruss (dangerous)

    Darius Lesgettham (there he is, let's get him)

    Dee Faced (defaced)

    Dennis Toffice (dentist office)

    Des Buratto (desperado)

    Dick Tater (dictator)

    Don Thatt (done that)

    Douglas S. Halfempty (the glass is half empty)

    Dustin D. Furniture (dusting the furniture)

    -- Funny Name Generator and Funny Names --

    Ella Vader (elevator)

    Ellis Dee (L.S.D)

    Evans Gayte (Heavan's gate)

    Faye Tallity (fatality)

    Freida Convict (free the convict)

    Gabe Asher (gay basher)

    Gene E. Yuss (genius)

    Gil T. Azell (guilty as hell)

    Gus Tofwin (gust of wind)

    Hal Jalikakick (how'd ya like a kick)

    Hayden Seek (hide and seek)

    Helen Back (hell and back)

    Herb E. Side (herbiside)

    Holden Mcgroin (holding my groin)

    Howard I. No (how would I know?)

    Hu Flung Pu (who flung poo?)

    Hugh Jass (huge ass)

    Ida Whana (I don't want to)

    Ilene Dover (I leaned over)

    I.P. Freehly (I pee freely)

    I. Ron Stomach (iron stomach)

    Izzy Backyet (is he back yet?)

    Jacques Strap (jock strap)

    Joanna Hand (ya wanna a hand?)

    Joe King (joking)

    Juan De Hattatime (one day at a time)

    Justin Case (just in case)

    -- Funny Name Generator and Funny Names --

    Kent Cook (can't cook)

    Lisa Neucar (lease a new car)

    Lou Briccant (lubricant)

    Lou Sirr (loser)

    Louise E. Anna (Louisiana)

    Luna Tick (lunatic)

    Madka Owdiseez (mad cow disease)

    Mark Z. Spot (mark yhe spot)

    Mary Juana (marijuana)

    Max E. Pad (maxi pad)

    Melissa Tothis (ma, listen to this)

    Mike Rohsopht (Microsoft)

    Moe Skeeto (mosquito)

    Nida Lyte (need a light)

    Patty O'Furniture (patio furniture)

    Phil Mypockets (fill my pockets)

    Quimby Ingmeen (quit being mean)

    Quinton Chingme (quit touching me)

    Rita Book (read a book)

    Robin Meeblind (robbing me blind)

    Sam Manilla (salmonella)

    Samson Night (Samsonite)

    Scott Shawn DeRocks (Scotch on the Rocks)

    Sherman Wadd Evver (sure man, whatever)

    Sir Fin Waves (surfin' Waves)

    Stu Padasso (stupid asshole)

    Sue Case (suitcase)

    Sue Permann (superman)

    Tara Newhall (tear a new hole)

    Ty Tass (tight ass)

    Ulee Daway (you lead the way)

    Vlad Tire (flat tire)

    Wayne Kerr (wanker)

    Wilma Leggrowbach (will my leg grow back?)

    Xavier Breath (save your breath)

    Get Vistaprint Coupons For Your Printing Needs

    By: Unknown On: Sunday, February 06, 2011
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