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Check out's Funny Photos and other Funny Content

By: Bonnie W On: Saturday, November 19, 2011
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  • Do you like to laugh? Is laughing healthy? How can uberhumor's pics help you get your dose of daily joy?

    Well, they have a huge collection of funny photos, videos & pictures you must check out if you enjoy laughing. Everyone needs a good laugh now and again to relieve some stress and this site contains a bunch of funny content that's sure to make you and your friends laugh. It's updated daily and nicely categorized so you can find what's most appealing to you. I got some great laughs from every link I clicked on within the site and believe you will too if you've got a good sense of 'ha, ha' :)

    Ever seen a porcupine that thinks it's a puppy? Or a baby dolphin in the womb? Or a fellow walking his fish? lol, well, if not you can now at along with many other unique funny video's and pictures. See for yourself, visit their site, kick back, relax and get a good laugh! Cheers to good health and humor!


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