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Who I'd Assign a Certain Caller Ringtone to and Why

By: Bonnie W On: Saturday, June 19, 2010
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  • I love caller ringtones because they can have a special meaning to someone in your life who calls you often. Those who call end up listening to a song you assigned to them instead of a plain, bland ring that has no meaning.

    If I were to assign an EMI or Warner Artist ringtone to someone, it would have to the "Waking Up In Vegas (Video Mix)" Ringtone by Katy Perry - (katy perry ringtones) to my ex-boyfriend because he was caught cheating on me in Vegas with a dominatrix. After I learned of his infidelity, he tried to make it up to me by buying me fancy gifts and jewelery, etc. He must have either figured I was 'THAT' stupid, or he himself was 'THAT' smart. I'm sure he'd like to think he was that smart. (lol)

    I certainly wasn't going to give in to him after that, but he's still tries on several occasions to call me and get back with me. I find it funny actually that he still does, so I feel this ringtone would be a perfect one to assign to him.

    On the other hand, I love the comedy ringtones as well and would assign one by Family Guy to my daughter called "Chris Mom, Look At Me", because she's always tapping and poking at me to get my attention. She's just the funniest, cutest little princess, but has a lot of energy and spunk when it comes to demanding paying her attention regardless of what I'm doing at the time. Having said that, the "Chris Mom, Look At Me" would be a perfect ringtone to assign to her.


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