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Pics Of My Daughters (Savannah) 5th Birthday Party

By: Bonnie W On: Monday, March 16, 2009
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  • My daughter just turned 5 years old on March 12th/09. Can't believe how fast time has flown by these past 5 years. It's insane, really. lol. Well, we took some pictures of her birthday and just wanted to share them with you. So, here they are. Went from Thursday March 12th until Saturday March 14th! Out of several pics, here's just a few :-)

    Balloons covered the floor so when Savannah woke up, she would have to climb through them to get to her presents (lol).

    Caught the cat jumping through the balloons on the web cam.

    Savannah's surprised expression.

    Here's Savannah's cake, My Mom made it, yummy orange and strawberry.

    Savannah and me taking some pics on the computer.

    Another one of the 2 of us smiling.

    My Princess Savannah showing off.

    What a bad pic, was supposed to look like we were on a roller coaster, but this mac never did seem to work proper when trying out these effects. lol

    Savannah making her silly face.

    This is weird, the yellow shirt in the middle is actually Tavin, my nephew and his sister Quin standing behind him. Savannah giving him a funny look. Can't see any other part of him lol.

    Kids were having a blast taking pics on the computer. Savannah's on the left, Tavin on top and Quin on the right.

    Savannah and Quin, her cousin. So sweet.

    Uncle Andrew (my younger brother) with Quin. She really was getting a kick out of the funny effects that made Uncle Andrew and her look hilarious.

    And another silly one, that's me in the back.

    They loved this swirl effect... neat.

    This one is just weird lol. I painted all our faces for fun.

    All of us, Tavin on the left, Savannah, Quin, and myself. Yep, painted my face too.. lol

    Another one of the 3 of us. This kept the kids quite amused.

    This was also very strange, the arms are actually of Quin. Cool effect, just squeezed her together, and made 2 of everything. lol.
    This last one is of my older brother and his wife making faces for the cam. Was fairly far away, so isn't very clear.