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Another Use For Condoms

By: Unknown On: Monday, November 09, 2009
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  • This is a silly joke, but it still gave me a chuckle. lol If only it were that easy to get your dog to poop in bags.. haha..too funny.

    A very proper man started going into the neighborhood pharmacy every week to buy 2 dozen boxes of condoms. Week after week he would order the same thing. One day the pharmacist felt he had to say something to the man.  'Wow! You must have the stamina of a bull. Talk about getting lucky! How on
    earth do you use that many condoms every week?'

    The man looked at him in disgust and said, 'I
    beg your pardon, but I find the whole idea of sex repulsive!'

    'Oh?'..The pharmacist replies, 'Then what do you do with all those condoms?'

    The gentleman answered, 'I feed them to my poodle so she poops in little plastic bags now.'


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