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Amazing Real Birth Stories

By: Bonnie W On: Thursday, February 23, 2012
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  • James Elgin Gil was born 4.5 months premature but he managed to survive. He weighed 482 grams and this was considered to be healthy which is why he was put into intensive care.

     It is not normal for mixed-race couples to have children that are ‘differently colored’ but there are certain cases every now and then which go beyond what is normal and ‘known’. Miya and Leah Durrant came into the world in 2008 looking alike but with differently colored skin and eyes. What’s more, the couple had given birth to a pair of twins in 2001 and they were different colored as well!

    Bhuri Kalbi’s baby was born in the toilet of a moving train. She was traveling to some unknown destination and visited the restroom which is when the baby slipped out. The baby landed on the tracks but miraculously, managed to survive and is healthy today.

    Carolina Chirindza’s town got flooded one summer because of which she was forced to climb a tree to save herself. She stayed that way for over four days and on the fourth day, she gave birth to a baby girl. Fortunately, a helicopter spotted them and helped her climb down along with her baby.

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