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Guilty Of Stereotyping Older People - Funny Short Joke

By: Bonnie W On: Tuesday, February 07, 2012
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    Have you ever been guilty of looking at someone your age and thinking to yourself, 'Surely I can't look That Old'?


    I'm Alice and I was sitting in a chair in the waitiing room at my dentist's office for the first time. I took notice of his diploma, with his full name on it.

    Suddenly, I happened to remember a handsome, dark-haired, tall guy in my highschool with the same me for about 30 or so years ago!

    Could He be the same guy I went to school with and even had a secret crush on? Way Back Then?

    When I seen him, however, I instantly discarded any such thoughts.

    This guy was balding, had grey hair with deep lined facial indents. He had to be way too old to have been my classmate.

    After my teeth examination, I ended up asking him anyways if he went to St. Peters High School.

    "Yes, Yes, I did. I'm A Mustang," He gleamed with pride.

    "What year did you graduate?" I asked.

    "In 1975, he answered. Why do you ask?"

    "You were in MY class!, I exclaimed.

    He closely looked at me and then that Ugly, Balding, Grey-Haired, S.O.B, Fat Ass, asked: "What did you Teach?"

    Lol, it's amazing how some people age a lot faster than others. It's funny how we perceive others to older than they are, yet older than we think we look. Haha.