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Crying Donkey

By: Unknown On: Thursday, May 17, 2007
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  • A guy walks into a Bar and looks at a sign on the wall that reads: $50 if you make my donkey laugh!

    The guy thinks he can do it, so he goes out back to the donkey, to try his luck.

    A few minutes later the bar owner goes and sees his donkey
    laughing his guts out.

    The barman goes over to the man and says, "how did you do it?".
    The man replies, "I can't tell you it's a secret, just give me my $50 bucks."

    The next day this same guy goes back the bar, and finds another sign that reads: $50 if you make my donkey cry.

    Again, the man thinks he can do it, so back he goes out to the

    A short time later, the bar owner now finds his donkey balling it's eyes out.

    "How did you do that?" The bar keep demands.

    The man says. "I really shouldn't tell you, but since your going to pay me another $50 dollars, what the heck."

    "It was really very simple to make your donkey laugh, I told him that I had a bigger penis than he did."

    "To make him cry, I proved it!!!"


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