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So, You Think Your Shoes Are Uncomfortable?

By: Unknown On: Sunday, May 13, 2007
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  • Oh my goodness, I've seen the longest toe nails in the world that appeared to be quite painful, but this is insane! Ouch!!!


    1. Oh my god! The meat on her foot split into 2 part? or she is wearing something else?

    2. LOL Warrence! I know huh? That was my expression too when I fist seen these shocking feet! I think they just ended up growing deformed from wearing teeny weenie shoes all the time; sort of reminds me of other cultures where they wear large jewelry to stretch their skin or even neck braces to stretch their necks out like giraffes. Quite different for sure!

    3. WOW! Is that an example of the ancient Chinese custom of foot binding? When at a young age girls would have their feet broken, binded, and forced to wear tiny shoes. Thus making them crippled for life and prevented them from walking far distances. In the ancient culture the woman's role was to stay at home and perform her "womanly duties"; cook, clean, and raise the children. Woman with large feet were considered unfavorable and ugly. I thought this practice was banned over a century ago.